We are really excited about the 2012 CrossFit Open this year and are hoping you are too! We want you too participate in this fun and exciting worldwide competition! Come support and encourage your follow classmates while at the same time be transformed into a better athlete. If you have any passion for CrossFit or for competing, you should register and participate in this bonding, community-building event.

The 2012 CrossFit Open will last for 5 weeks with a new WOD being announced every Wednesday at 5 pm. You will have until 5 pm the following Sunday (4 days) to complete the WOD and enter your score via the leader board.

We plan on making this a fun and inspirational event, please read below and get ready to impress your self with your untapped strength and speed!!

Each week starting on February 22-  the 5 weeks will play out like this:

  • The competition training classes will be rescheduled to Thursday 5:00 pm and Friday 6:00 pm for the duration of the 2012 CrossFit Open.
  • Wednesday 5 pm- WOD announced by CrossFit HQ
  • Thursday 5 pm, Strategies/ Standards Meeting and movement prep.
  • Friday 5 pm class will join in and tackle in the Open WOD. Athletes participating in the Open have a chance to do the WOD officially with a judge at 6 PM on Friday. This will be a fun event that will last until every athlete has made an official effort. (Stay after for fun and drinks)
  • Sunday 9 am- 11 am athletes participating in the Open have another chance to do the WOD officially with a judge at Open Gym (no charge if you are officially registered in the Open)

Ideally you will have 2 chances to get the WOD completed and to record your best score (once may be enough for you). If the above times do not work, please contact Michael or Meshelle at [email protected] to make other arrangements.

This is gonna be fun, come get some!!!