Do you want to change your eating, yet need support?  Sign up and enjoy delicious, organic Paleo friendly meals delivered weekly.  Be one of four new clients to set their Paelo Program on track!

What do you get?
  • Monday’s you will receive 6 generous Paleo-Friendly organic meals for the week. You add the protein of your choice.
  • 3 generous dinners with enough for 3 lunches. Each meal consists of a main-dish, salad and side-dish (you provide protein).
             Example: Paleo Veggie Lasagna, Tossed Green Salad & Veggie side.
                                           Thai Coconut Soup, stir-fry & sesame/ginger slaw.
                                           Veggie (broccoli patty) with tossed, green salad & lightly
sauteed organic seasonal veggies.
Here’s how it works:
  1.  You let me know your food preferences, allergies and tastes.
  2.  You pay for and I purchase a starter kit for $50 which includes all the eco-friendly packaging, cooler and containers for transporting your food. This is yours to keep!
  3. I will shop (farmers market on Sunday for the best local and organic produce), cook (tailored to your preferences) deliver meals with clear heating and serving directions for each dish, and protein suggestions that you can add.
  4. Your meals will be delivered in time for Monday’s dinner.
  • One-time purchase of starter kit – $50 (eco-friendly containers, jars and cooler) – This is yours to keep.
  • Shopping, preparation and delivery services for 6 Meals: $140 per week.  
Free samples available upon request! 
Sign up for 6-weeks and your starter kit is ½ price! $25.


Contact Jeanette today and support your body’s performance and health!
Jeanette Monterio
[email protected]

“I have been using Jeanette’s services for over 2 months now. When I realized that over 50% of my meals were store bought or delivered (and I had no idea what was in them) I knew I had to do something but didn’t have the time to cook the quality meals my body was craving. Jeanette came to the rescue with fresh, organic, and easy to reheat meals, that were DELICIOUS! She really cares about the food quality and tailors the meals to my picky and refined taste buds. Now my most feared question of the day “What do you want for dinner” is answered!!

– Meshelle M.

Owner Tamalpais CrossFit