What We Do:

We take you, in any condition, and progress you towards an outstanding level of health and fitness. Every day we coach basic fundamental movements to help you push, pull, squat, swing, run, jump, throw, and lift your way into the best shape of your life.

Tamalpais CrossFit is a community of positive clients and trainers that work together in a supportive society to achieve outstanding health and fitness. The workouts are fun, refreshing and keep you challenged. Progressions and modifications are used to allow anyone to participate.

Instead of a singularly focused plan of strength or endurance, our fitness programming aims to improve your capacity in these recognized fitness domains:
1. cardio-respiratory endurance
2. stamina
3. strength
4. flexibility
5. power
6. speed
7. coordination
8. agility
9. balance
10. accuracy

What you get with your Membership :

Coach’s eyes on you at all times. Our goal is to make sure you are moving properly and in a safe manner. You will always have the coach’s eyes on you; TCF classes are like training with a personal trainer but in a group setting.

Nutritional Counseling:
We are happy to set up a nutrition meeting with you to discuss our “tier” system and how to effectively eat for health and athletic performance. We do not believe that there is only one diet for every person and we are excited to work with you to find the right way to eat for your body.

Access to experienced Coaches:
We are here to answer your questions and to gently push you closer to your goals. Going out of town? We can create custom workouts to do while you are on vacation or away for business; we are just an email away.

An Encouraging Community:
Our athletes are all looking for what you are looking for, to be the best YOU you can be. CrossFit can be challenging and there is nothing like the support of your class -mates to get you through a work out.

Our rates and membership options are quite simple, start Step 1: On Ramp Classes where you will learn CrossFit moves and how to preform them properly. Then you will go to Step 2:our 3 Month New Athlete Membership where we will closely track your attendance, progress and development and offer you 2 personal training sessions to work on movements that you may find challenging. Once 3 months has passed, you are then on to Step 3: our Standard Membership, it’s that simple!

On Ramp Classes- $75 for 3 semi-private training sessions- register online here Get Started Now
3 Month New Athlete Membership- 3-month commitment at $185 ($145 for Full Time Students) per month with unlimited access to coaches and 2 private training sessions. After 3 months, standard membership rates apply.
Standard Membership- $165 per month, unlimited classes
Student Membership- $125 per month, unlimited classes

Once you are a member you also have access to Simply Strength for an additional $30 a month, Oly Strong for $55 a month (which includes free access to Simply Strength) and Competition/ Masters Training for $55 a month (which includes free access to Simply Strength and Oly Strong).
All packages are billed monthly via credit or debit card on file.
10% discount on our Standard Membership for Teachers, Military and First Responders.

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