I hear a lot of people putting themselves down after class so I wanted to share some thoughts with you. CrossFit is hard and can be both rewarding and frustrating all at the same time. We all have heard that voice that creeps into our heads, ”I should have lifted more”, “I’m not strong enough”, “So and so is better than me”, “ I wanna quit”… Well shut it up!!! Your first great achievement is that you started CrossFitting and have made a commitment to get healthier. The second is that you made it to class, you lifted weights, you ran, you squatted to depth… what ever it might be, it is more than what you were doing before and you should be proud of yourself.

When the voice creeps in, remember to look back in your journal to your first week of CrossFit for proof of how far you have come. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to keep accurate records of your work outs.

The trap for many CrossFitters is forgetting to take a moment to be happy with an accomplished goal. We are often looking towards the next goal and not giving the accomplished one its due respect even though that goal may have seemed impossible a month ago.

Part of training is learning how to enjoy the process and knowing that progress will always be part of CrossFit. We see your progress on a daily basis and are so proud of you all, keep it up TCFers; it only gets better from here!!

P.S. The next time the voice enters your head, tell it to “shut up!” or you will have to do Burpees!!