icons32_09  Take that first step!  3, 2, 1 …GO!

Start your new journey of fitness by scheduling a Free Intro Session with the owners of the gym.

At Tamalpais CrossFit, we are committed to addressing the unique needs of each and everyone in our facility. Not all people are alike so we take the time to get to know you. In your initial consultation together we will consider every aspect of your fitness, health and overall wellness. In this one on one session we will determine the best way for you to attain your fitness goals by giving you a realistic and exciting plan to succeed.

Step 1: schedule your consultation here: Free Intro Session

Step 2: You and your coach will determine what option is best to progress your fitness.

Some options that our current thriving clients use are:

  • Group CrossFit Classes
  • Private Coaching
  • Private Coaching once per week along with CrossFit group class attendance
  • Group CrossFit Classes
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Self-Guided strength training

You can view our membership prices here.




Are you strong enough?

YES!  We have all ages from teens to 70 and beyond, and we know CrossFitters also come in all shapes and sizes!  CrossFit is designed to scale to your ability.  You will see lots of heavy weight in pictures across the web, but the truth is that everyone starts with PVC pipes.  If you are strong enough to pick up a PVC pipe, you are strong enough to start!  We will not let you move past a weight or a skill that is safe for your ability.  Our eyes are keen to the needs of the beginner so you can relax knowing you are in great, non-judgmental hands!!  Everyone starts somewhere, and our members are just as proud of your accomplishments as they are of theirs.


But it looks so technical!

WE UNDERSTAND!  Many of the skills and movements take weeks, or even a lifetime to perfect.  Our members are always seeking better movement, mobility and skill work.  This is why we have On Ramp classes for you to join!  These classes are where we teach you the basics of the CrossFit movements.  We want you to be fully versed in the concept of scaling, safety and skill before we set you free to do them in the actual CrossFit classes.  ..but know that our coaches have a watchful eye and will always be there to help.



THE BEST COMMUNITY EVER!  The workouts happen in our gym with usually 10-12 members.  We cheer each other on and encourage each other to do our best, perfect our skill, and raise our intensity.  This camaraderie often spills over to other events.  You will see our members road tripping to competitions together, going to seminars, and sometimes just blowing off steam!  Expect your gym mates to say ‘Hi’ from across the room when you walk in!  We take special care to foster the most positive and collaborative environment possible.  We want everyone to have a great time.


The Workout!

We call it the WOD (workout of the day).  Classes can range from a few people to special events where we have over 40 people.  Usually the class starts with a little stretching, then evolves into some warmup, then moves to the actual ‘workout’.  The workout will often be short and timed, typically 10-25 minutes, and it will be intense for your ability (remember we scale the workout so everyone has a relative intensity).  You will work out along athletes that have broken records, and you will work along athletes that have only started working out a couple days ago.  Each one will be giving it their all for their ability level!!  Some will be squatting with PVC, some will be squatting with 200 lbs. or more.   Each day will be a different workout, and we rarely do the same workout twice, you will never be bored!


I Am Sore!

Yep..  welcome to the land of incredible results!  With incredible results comes a weee bit of soreness.  There are tricks to being less or more sore.  We want you to stay hydrated, eat well, take your fish oil, or your vegan equivalent and keep mobile and active!  Most important is that you do not sit on your butt and wait.  The right kind of soreness is a great sign you have woken your body up from a de-conditioned state.  We want you to come back in and work out that stiffness as soon as possible!



Here it is..  WEEK 1: You will start to notice changes in your body, soreness, energy changes, and maybe a tiny spark to get back at it.   WEEK 4: You will really notice some changes,  many clients lose a LOT of weight, and will see a lot of PR’s  (personal records) established.  WEEK 8: Your close friends and family will notice you have lost some weight.  They will sense you are a bit different.  You will enjoy the feeling of change and will really really enjoy when someone else notices that change!  WEEK 12:  Random people around you will really start to notice.  Even people who don’t know you but who see you often will start to comment, ‘wow, you lost weight and look great!’..   ..WE URGE YOU TO STICK IT OUT 12 WEEKS!!!  It takes 12 weeks to change your life and the people’s lives around you forever.   At the 12 week point you will have turned your new skills into new HABITS and this is where you will add years to your life!!  So.. please take that step and join us.  We are here for you.



As you search the web you will see all sorts of cool and specialized gear.  The truth is, you don’t need more then what you probably already have.  Wear some athletic shoes, a t-shirt, and shorts you feel comfortable doing a lot of stretching and moving in.   … get a few workouts in, then ask members what gear they like before you buy!  Inov-8,  Reebok, Nike, Under Armor, and the vast range of other brands all have great equipment for you to explore.



Tamalpais CrossFit Gym Memberships!

*Discounts available to awesome people, such as First Responders and Teachers.

Experienced CrossFitters – Please drop in- $20 drop in fee or purchase a T-shirt for 30$

Free Intro

$Free1 class

Step 1: We want to get to know you! Your hopes, your dreams and your fitness goals!

Standard Membership

$185.00per month

Unlimited CrossFit Classes
Billed Monthly

Student Membership

$125.00per month

Must be a full time student!


icons32_06A quick note from the owners….

Before we meet to see if you are interested in joining, we absolutely know it can be intimidating to take that first step.  We want you to know, above all else, we are here for you.  We are here to help you conquer goals, and give you strength.  Please understand, even if we are not a fit for you right now, we would still like for you to have the chance to add years of health and wellness to your future.  Any amount of fitness is better then no fitness at all!  Please drop us a line or do quick search in our blog where you will come across many workouts, tips and information.  A lot of the work outs you find here will take no gear, no special ability, and just a little bit of time.

Nothing pleases us more then to know someone made the choice to live a bit healthier!

All the very best! Be healthy, be strong,

Michael Papes and Meshelle Mifsud
Co Owners of Tamalpais CrossFit