Rules of Olympic Weightlifting

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When I first started Olympic Weightlifting I had no idea what the rules were and could not find them anywhere on the World Wide Web… So I simplified them for you in this brief summary below, I hope you enjoy it! Olympic Weightlifting consists of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, two beautiful moves that

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Olympic Weightlifting, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, are essential movements to the sport of CrossFit. Mastering the technique of these lifts is difficult. Many people struggle with these lifts, yet lack the knowledge to practice the lifts properly. Join us for a 6-week intensive Olympic Weightlifting program designed to break down and improve

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Snatching is one of the most complex and beautiful moves that we do in CrossFit as well as the  most challenging. If you are having trouble with technique, then this is the seminar for you! Join us on September 17th at Tamalpais CrossFit from 12 – 3 PM for a seminar dedicated solely to the

If you have ever been interested in Olympic Weightlifting, this is the best meet to participate in. Friendly people, scenic view, stress free, full of fun and best of all, they serve beer! To register, you must be a USAW member (just $45) and you must mail the entry form in by August 17th. This