Zoom Class Schedule:

Monday- 6:30am & 9:00am

Tuesday- 9:00am & 5:30pm followed by Stretchy Tyme at 6:20 (participate in both or one or the other)

Wednesday- 6:30am & 9:00am

Thursday- 9:00am & 5:30pm followed by Stretchy Tyme at 6:20 (participate in both or one or the other)

Friday- 6:30am & 9:00am

Saturday- 9:00am

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3 Rounds:
25 Pull Ups
400 Meter Run
50 Sit-ups
800 Meter Run

No Equipment

3 Rounds:
50 Odd Object Rows
400 Meter Run
50 Sit-ups
800 Meter Run


Easy Jog:
400 Meters

3 Rounds:
30 Seconds Knuckle Drags
30 Second Hollow Hold
30 Second Active Samson



  • 3 movements and 3 rounds in today’s longer workout
  • We expect this piece to take around 30-36 minutes to complete


  • In the equipment version of this workout, 25 strict pull-ups were prescribed
  • We increased the reps to 50 here because the weight you’re rowing will likely be much lighter than your bodyweight
  • The odd object also moves through a shorter range of motion than your would with the strict pull-up
  • Let’s choose a rep number or weight that allows you to complete the 50 reps in around 2 minutes each round


  • If you have an AbMat available, let’s use it
  • If you don’t have an AbMat, you can anchor your feet with dumbbells or underneath an object like your couch



  • Reduce Reps or Weight
  • Max Reps in 2 Minutes (Max of 50 Reps)
  • 25 Strict Pull-ups
  • Banded Strict Pull-ups
  • Ring Rows


  • Accumulate 2 Minute Front Plank


  • 500 Meter Row
  • 1,000 Meter Bike Erg
  • 400 Meter Ski Erg
  • 25/18 Calorie Assault or Echo Bike
  • 40/28 Calorie Schwinn Bike
  • 30 x 10 Meter Shuttle Runs


  • 800 Meter Row
  • 2,000 Meter Bike Erg
  • 800 Meter Ski Erg
  • 50/35 Calorie Assault or Echo Bike
  • 80/56 Calorie Schwinn Bike
  • 60 x 10 Meter Shuttle Runs


  • The movements that surround the runs are more challenging on our strength and muscular stamina than on breathing
  • This is a good incentive to get slightly outside your comfort zone on the runs
  • Unlike the strict pull-ups, you’ll probably be able to work through bigger sets on the Odd Object Rows
  • Hold on for big sets, but break these reps up when you start to feel your hips get involved in the movement, making the rows less “strict”

Body Armor

Alternating Tabata:

  1. Banded Pull Aparts
  2. Hollow Rocks



  • Today’s Body Armor piece will alternate between an upper back and midline movement
  • Tabata Intervals = 8 Rounds: 20 Second On + 10 Seconds Rest
  • You’ll alternate between movements until 8 rounds are completed at both
  • The flow of the workout goes:
    8 Rounds:
    20 Seconds Banded Pull Aparts
    10 Seconds Rest
    20 Seconds Hollow Rocks
    10 Seconds Rest
  • Choose a band tension that allow you to move for all 20 seconds
  • If the hollow rocks are too challenging – complete hollow holds