Zoom Class Schedule:

Monday- 6:30am & 9:00am

Tuesday- 9:00am & 5:30pm followed by Stretchy Tyme at 6:20 (participate in both or one or the other)

Wednesday- 6:30am & 9:00am

Thursday- 9:00am & 5:30pm followed by Stretchy Tyme at 6:20 (participate in both or one or the other)

Friday- 6:30am & 9:00am

Saturday- 9:00am

Login for all ZOOM classes- Meeting Password- 214698



8 Rounds

20 Seconds Spiderman + Reach
10 Seconds Mountain Climbers

8 Rounds

20 Seconds Single Unders
10 Seconds Air Squats


10 Burpees
25 Double Unders


  • Over this 12 minute workout, you can expect to complete around 8-12 rounds
  • This means rounds will last anywhere between 1:00-1:30


  • Chest and thighs make contact with the floor
  • Reach full extension at the top with a small clap and some air under the feet
  • You can jump up or step up out of the burpee


  • The rep number on each round is designed to be very small
  • Choose a double under variation or rep number that can ideally be completed unbroken



  • Reduce Reps
  • 50 Single Unders
  • 30 Seconds of Practice
  • 25 Double Taps
  • 50 Line Hops


  • This workout is all about finding a way to keep moving across the 12 minutes of work
  • The way we stay moving as much as possible is by establishing a pace on the burpees that allows for as few sets as possible on the rope
  • If you know double unders are going to be a tough movement, slow down the burpees
  • For big picture pacing help, imagine doing burpees for 7 minutes straight
  • That is likely the speed we’re trying to hold from the very beginning
  • As far as efficiency goes, setting the rope neatly on the ground after each set of double unders makes for a much smoother transition
  • Also, whenever you finish a movement, make it your goal to just start the next station
  • Just drop down into the first burpee and just pick up the handles of the rope
  • These immediate transitions keep you moving and help you feel like you’re always progressing in the right direction

Body Armor

Max Single Dumbbell Strict Presses

On the Minute: 10 Sit-Ups


  • Within the 6 minute window, complete as many single dumbbell strict presses as possible
  • You can alternate hands as you see fit, but we recommend changing every 5-10 reps
  • Choose a weight that you are capable of completing 15+ reps unbroken with when fresh
  • The sit-ups with halt your progress and give the upper body a needed break every minute
  • The sit-ups take place on the (0-1-2-3-4-5)
  • Complete all 10 reps before moving back to the dumbbell
  • Use an AbMat if you have one and anchor your feet if you don’t