Calorie Row
Push Press – naked bar or 55/75
Calorie Assault Bike
KBSDHP- light or 35/53
10M Farmers Carry light or 35/50

FGB Format- one minute at each station, choose your weight. If you’re feeling tired from the week, go light and use as active recovery- if you’re feeling fresh, push hard for as many reps and calories as possible 🙂

FOR FUN– 4 rounds:
10 Deficit Pushups
10 Ring Row – Feet Elevated
10 Standing KB Crush Grip French Press
10 Seated Alternating DB Hammer Curl (each side)
15 Strict Abmat Sit ups (hands next to head or across chest)
:30 L-sit Hold
15 Plank Walk (each side)
:30 Chinese Plank