GRIZZLY & KODIAK-10x100m Sprint (Or 8x25ft Shuttle Run)
-Every 3:00-

POLAR10x50m Sprint (Or 4x25ft Shuttle Run)
-Every 3:00-

Rope Climb: Week 6
Every minute (10:00) 2 Rope Climbs
Every minute (10:00) 1 Rope Climb
Every minute (10:00) 2-3 Zombie Rope Climbs
Alternate Option:
Every minute (10:00) 5 Strict Pull Ups + 5 Hanging Knee Raises
modified: 3 Pull Up Negatives + 3 Hanging Knee Raises
* Use towels or a rolled-up shirt over the top of a pull-up bar to simulate
a rope for the rope pull-ups.
* Focus on jumping high and trying to complete a 15ft rope climb in 2-3