We are celebrating another year of fitness-fun!  Thanks to you wonderful TCFers, we are going into our 15th year in business!!

WOD 1: 10 Min Cap
400 M Partner Run with Med Ball 14/20
75 P. Snatches- 55/75
75 Burpees
– split how you see fit, 2 people can work at a time. Rest the remaining of the 10 min

WOD 2: 4 Bear Complexes 55/75 – Each person does 4 Bears- Partner #1 is doing the bear complex, Partner #2 is bear hugging a Med Ball 14/20


WOD 3: Partner Karen- 150 Wall Balls split any way- 1 Person working at a time.

FUN TIMES- Double Unders: Week 4 Day 2- Working on coordination and rhythm
On a running 3 minute clock, accumulate as many single-double reps as you can.
Advanced option: On a 3 minute clock, accumulate as many cross-overs as you

OR – Arms and Shoulders 4 Rounds
12 Plate Front Raise
10 Ring Curls
10 Standing KB Crush Grip
French Press