Our friend Joanna at CrossFit Santa Rosa has invited us to participate in the Whole 9 Nutrition Workshop that her box is hosting. Read below as to why you might want to attend, then hurry and click here to register!!

We bet at this point you’ve heard about our upcoming Foundations of Nutrition workshop at CrossFit Santa Rosa, and you may even be considering whether you should attend.  So in preparation for the event (and because Joanna asked us to), we thought we’d take some time to address some of the questions we’re pretty sure you’re asking yourselves, and give you a few more reasons why you shouldn’t miss our workshop event.

So for those who have read a nutrition book or two, and wonder if that’s enough to get you to optimal health… for those who are already “pretty Paleo” and aren’t sure whether you’ll get anything new out of the event… for those wondering if the price of admission is going to be worth it… here are 9 reasons you should come to the Whole9 Foundations of Nutrition Workshop.

1.      A second (or third, or fourth) perspective on the same topic is always helpful. When you’re in the bottom of a squat and another qualified individual (other than your coach) gives you feedback, do you say, “No thanks, I’m good”?  Nope – because a second set of eyes is always a good thing.  Consider us an additional set of nutritional “eyes”, giving you a different perspective – our unique way of looking at building healthy, sustainable nutritional habits and successfully implementing them into your everyday life.

2. A book – even a really good book – can’t answer your personal questions on the spot. Our workshop is structured so we have time to answer all of your questions – what you should eat post-workout, how your specific inflammatory symptoms can be controlled with dietary changes, how to banish your late-night sugar cravings once and for all.  A book will never be able to tailor its material to YOU… but we can.  And sure, you could do a bunch of research yourself… but why would you, when you have us?

3. This ain’t your Momma’s “intro to Paleo” lecture. We’re going to have to talk about some of the same background details as the other nutrition folks  – insulin, inflammation, and the way certain food groups affect your body.  But trust us, this isn’t your standard “Paleo 101” discussion.  We’ll explain why we don’t care if a food is technically “Paleo”, we’ll connect health and fitness dots that you didn’t realize were connected, we’ll teach you how to avoid common “healthy eating” errors that you didn’t even realize you were making, and explain everything from our unique perspective, using our own original material.

4. We will provide you with snacks. By “provide you”, we mean strongly encourage you to participate.  By “snacks”, we mean a delectable selection of Stronger Faster Healthier Omega-3 fish oils in five glorious flavors, all available for taste-test during the event.  Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

5. We back up our science-y material with all the practical application you’ll ever need. We are all about the practical application – in fact, you can read what Robb Wolf says about that on our testimonials page.  We could spout off all the science-y lingo in the world, but if that doesn’t help you figure out what to eat post-workout, then we’ve totally missed the mark.  At our workshop, you’ll get our detailed “good, better, best” Shopping Guide, our full MealSimple™ meal planning template, and a list of recipes and nutritional resources all designed so you can hit the ground running.

6. Eight hours of a healthy eating lecture is going to be way more fun than it sounds. We use a tag-team structure to talk about our nutritional program, enjoy a casual approach to the discussions and aren’t afraid to go off on a tangent, if it’s interesting (or provocative) enough.  Plus we have awesome art, which we sometimes auction off at the end of the event.

7. One hundred dollars for a lifetime of healthy eating habits sounds like a bargain to us. We’ve never, ever had one person say our material was over-valued.  If anything, people have told us we should be charging more for our full day event.  We pack a lot of information into our day, and leave you with so much take-home material that you won’t be lacking for nutritional direction or inspiration for a long time to come.  And since our workshop is geared towards building life-long healthy eating habits – not just how to finish a 30 day challenge – the things you’ll learn with us will stay with you forever.  All for the cost of a good dinner and a movie, right?

8. Sometimes, the motivation and inspiration you get from an event like this is worth far more than the tidbits of information you may pick up. We should know – we wrote all about it on our site, after listening to one of Dutch Lowy’s Performance Development lectures.  And after the holidays, when we know y’all went off-roading with your nutrition, couldn’t you use a little motivation and inspiration to get you back on the Good Food bus?

9. We will use the phrase “sex with your pants on” during the event. But you have to be registered to get the full story.  It’ll probably be worth your registration fee it all by itself.  Just sayin’.

Looking forward to our visit to CrossFit Santa Rosa – hope you meet you there.


Melissa & Dallas