Through out my 42 years on this earth I have done my share of wondering and trying to figure things out, some things I have figured out but there are still several things that perplex me… Like why some people feel the need to shake hands with a limp, flaccid grip and think that it is acceptable? It is not, it’s insulting, really, if you are one of these people, you must stop this immediately!!! Go to Big 5 Sporting Goods, purchase the grip strengthening squeezer thing and go to your room and rep that shit out. Do not shake another hand until you can display the appropriate amount of squeezing ability. Thank you.

I also wonder how some animals can be so fuzzy. Like the fox for example, how do they pack so much fuzz per square inch into your little stealthy body? Or the bunny, hoping to and fro with all that fur, so soft to the touch that the thought of running my fingers through your supple coat makes me drool. Oh fuzzy animals, I wonder if you know how much I appreciate your fluff and how sad it makes me when people take if from you…

And finally, I wonder why we are never satisfied? After a crew of us successfully participated in the Redwood Empire Weightlifting meet, the general feeling amongst lifters was that of displeasure. All of the lifters were new to competing and lifting in a competition is very different from lifting in the comfort of your own gym. Anything can happen in weightlifting and nothing is a given… so I say, anything more than a scratch is a success on meet day (especially when you are new to the sport). I was really pleased and proud of the stellar performance that my lifters gave and then I heard comments such as “I should have done better” and “I didn’t even get close to my PR ” and “I should be working harder”, all these thoughts and more are racing around the gym and it makes me wonder, when will we be ENOUGH? When will we be satisfied? Perhaps, that is what makes us “athletes”, never settling and always wanting more? Hungry for one more kg, one more rep, one more pet of the fuzzy bunny. What happens when we are satisfied? Does that mean we have given up or that we are conceded? I don’t want to be that person, I just want to be please with myself… or do I? Do you? Perhaps this is how we stay hungry, by never being satisfied?

-Bunnies & Barbells


PS, If you are a fur coat wearing, weak hand shaker, I apologize if I have offended you, I am sure you are a very nice person!