San Rafael Barbell is specifically outfitted with powerlifting cages, racks, blocks and lifting platforms designed for quality and safe strength training. For lifts, we use dedicated bars, competition bumper plates as well as any variety of banded or chained lifts. Our gear is well maintained and clean. We are extremely proud of our Strength Training and Weightlifting Gym. San Rafael Barbell is outfitted with every tool necessary to bring out the beast in you. There is no better match to a CrossFit athlete, than a dedicated strength program designed specifically to accompany them. Come in on your own accord in specific time windows and work on your strength. This is where we turn Bears into Gorillas.. and sometimes even Power Bunnies! San Rafael Barbell is also available to non CrossFit members for $165 per month call or email us today to find out more!

Chad Wilson

  • Chad Wilson grew up in Columbus, Ohio and his love of athletics and lifting weights began at an early age. In high school where he played football and wrestled he began to learn a lot about lifting weights. This love of learning continued on thru college where he played football and studied exercise science. During his college days he also began to love the sport of Power Lifting. He even got a chance to lift at Westside Barbell where he continued to learn more about the sport and methods of Power Lifting. Wilson moved to California in 2004 where he met the love of his life Meshelle. Chad continued to lift weights in a traditional setting but the gym scene grew tiresome and that is when he discovered CrossFit.
  • Chad competed for the Tamalpais Crossfit gym team in 2011 & 2012 at the Nor Cal Regionals. In 2012, with the help of his much stronger wife, they set a record in the DB Snatch/ Sprint partner WOD. Wilson also holds a PWA (Pacific Weightlifting Record) in the Clean & Jerk of 131 kgs in Masters.
  • Though Chad's love for CrossFit is strong, he has recently returned to his roots and has been concentrating more on Power Lifting. His eye for coaching the Bench, Deadlift and Back Squat is impeccable and his down to earth approach is refreshing.
    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has
    • CrossFit specialty certification in Westside Barbell
    • CrossFit specialty certification Gymnastics

Meshelle Mifsud

  • Meshelle is Co-Owner, CF Coach and Olympic Weightlifting Coach at Tamalpais CrossFit. Together, with her awesome husband, Chad, she established 1 CrossFit World Record 2012 and topped the CrossFit women’s snatch ladder. She competes regularly in Olympic Weightlifting at the National level and continues to build a reputation as one of the strongest women on the West Coast.
  • Meshelle’s love for CrossFit started the moment she picked up a barbell in her first class. She has been participating, coaching and competing in CrossFit since 2008.
  • She is CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has CrossFit specialty certifications in Westside Barbell and Olympic lifting as well as a certification for USA Weightlifting Level I Sports Performance.
  • Meshelle is a vegan and takes pride in changing peoples assumptions that vegans are weak.
    • 2015 IWF Masters World Cup Champion
    • 2015 National Masters Champion
    • 2014 World Masters Champion
    • 2014 National Masters Champion
    • Currently holding 7 World Records, 9 National records in Weightlifting in the 75kg Masters 40-45 class
    • CrossFit Snatch Ladder leader in 2012 at 185lbs.
    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has
    • CrossFit specialty certifications in Westside Barbell,
    • CrossFit Self Defense and
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
    • Certification for USA Weightlifting Level I Sports Performance.

Michael Papes

  • Michael Papes explored a broad spectrum of sports while growing up, from performing as the lead squirrel in the Ice Capades at just four years of age to later avidly playing ice hockey and soccer. While earning his Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, Michael became a devotee of Taekwondo and has attained the level of Master. His 4th degree black belt is certified with the governing body of Taekwondo, the Kukkiwon.
  • His extensive experience teaching martial arts along with an apprenticeship in Iyengar Yoga at the Yoga Circle of Chicago has given him a level of knowledge of movement and coaching unmatched by most.
  • With over 20 years of coaching experience, Michael has proven himself among the best. Not only is Michael a national champion in Taekwondo, he has coached at the national and international level in two sports. A 5-time coach at the CrossFit games, Michael uses his passion, knowledge and experience to better every athlete he encounters. Michael has distinguished himself from his peers both through his dedication to his clients and his extensive skill set. Never completely understanding or embracing the “fitness” industry model, Michael found salvation in the CrossFit method. An instant convert from the moment of exposure, Michael made Kelly Starrett’s San Francisco CrossFit home base in 2008 and never looked back.
  • Michael has a unique and clear direction for the future. “I will pursue excellence in teaching CrossFit and will literally make the world a better place”
  • Aside from teaching CrossFit, Michael’s greatest joy comes from spending time with his young daughter Charlotte. Michael can be found riding the rolling hills of Marin County his daughter holding on yelling at his motorcycle “lightning” to go faster.
  • In 2008, Coach Michael passed the original Level II CrossFit certification where his coaching performance was evaluated and approved by:
  • Dave Castro, Adrian Bozman, Todd Widman and Freddie Camacho.
  • Michael is also
    • CrossFit Certified Level 1 Coach
    • CrossFit Certified Level 2 Coach
    • CrossFit Certified in Nutrition
    • CrossFit Certified Science of Exercise
    • CrossFit Certified Gymnastics
    • CrossFit Certified Olympic Lifting
    • Chasing performance: Movement, mobility & Maintenance
    • Master level Taekwondo