*Discounts available to awesome people, such as Active Military, First Responders and Teachers.

Experienced CrossFitters – Please drop in- $20 drop in fee or purchase a T-shirt for 30$

Standard Membership

  • – Unlimited CrossFit classes.
  • We staff some of the best coaches in town. They will keep a watchful eye on you to ensure safety and guide you to the best you, you can be. You will get stronger, fitter and have fun in a supportive environment. Discounts on other TCF Programs
  • Step 1: Schedule your Free Introduction Session with one of the owners. We want to get to know you. Your hopes, your dreams, your fitness goals and most of all, how you move.
  • Step 2: Enjoy all the benefits of your membership!

24 Hour Access

  • – $185 Standard Membership required
  • – Access to the gym during non- class hours.
  • – Unlimited attendance of CrossFit classes
  • – Attendance of specialty classes- Competition Training and Olympic Weightlifting If you work odd hours or are sick of fighting over the squat rack at the globo gym, then this is the membership for you. Enjoy all the features of lifting in San Rafael Barbell, equipped with all the latest and greatest strength building tools or get your WOD on in our adjacent crossfitting facility that is Tamalpais CrossFit.
  • Step 1: Schedule your 15 min gym orientation with a TCF representative so you can: · Take a tour of the gym. · Read and initial rules. · Purchase a 24-Hour Access Membership ($185 for a standard Membership + $70 for 24-hour access) and receive your personal key code.
  • Step 2: Enjoy all the benefits of your membership!

Add Ons:

  • $55 a month for both Competition Training and Olympic Weightlifting or $20 drop in- try your first 3 classes for free.
  • What you get:
  • Competition training– Our Competition training program supports the desires of those athletes wanting to enter the CrossFit competition venue and/or those that want to spend a little extra time homing in on the sport of fitness.
  • Olympic Weightlifting– We absolutely love weightlifting and we want to share it with you! Join us for an organized coaching approach to develop your abilities in the Olympic lifts. You will execute drills designed to improve your Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Please CLICK on the link below to review 24 Hours Access Rules

You will receive a personal key code for door entry – 1 entry per code, no tail gating.

Please do not prop the door open, it must remain closed at all times.

Please do not let anyone in. Restrooms are for members only.

Please lift responsibly. We encourage 1 rep maxes only when you have proper spotting or are using the safety equipment.

All CrossFit workouts must be completed and cleaned up 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of CrossFit class.

All CrossFitting must be done on the Tamalpais CrossFit side. San Rafael Barbell is for accessory work, strength and weight training only.

Please be aware of our Holiday Schedule which is posted thoughout the gym.

Be kind, be courteous. We are all sharing the space together and sharing is caring.

Clean up after yourself, leave the space better than you found it.

Have your cell phone on you at all times. In case there is an emergency – DIAL 911.

When you leave, please turn lights, stereo and clock off. Double check that the door is locked once outside the building.

Enjoy your fitness!!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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