Lets talk about your diet and emotional state during the holidays….

During the holiday season, we seem to get down on ourselves because we indulge a little too much… I say go for it, have fun! Just because you fall off the wagon for one meal, one day or a couple of days does not mean that you need to be off for months and go into a downward spiral of depression and despair. Your life is not lived around a temporary diet; your diet is your “way of life”.

“Diet” as it has such negative connotations. I refer to the way I eat as a “way of life”. I am not on this eating plan temporarily, it is the way I live and eat day to day. So what happens when my day-to-day eating gets disrupted by a holiday or a party or an urge? I don’t let it effect me, I hop right back on my “way of life” and I move forward. I don’t let the fact that I just ate the entire cheese cake sabotage my life and send me into a downward spiral for the next week, or month, I say “oh well, that wasn’t very smart (or maybe it was) and I move on.

I was not always like this, I struggled with my weight and eating my entire life. It wasn’t until I started using myself as a test subject that I realized that I was in control of everything that I put in my body and that everything I put in my body has a result: either positive or negative. No one is making me eat the cheesecake and if I choose not to eat it, it will still be around in a week, in a month and a year from now. The ingredients for that cake will not magically disappear and cheesecake will not leave the face of the earth. This I know. If I decide to eat it and I feel like crap well, what did I expect? Perhaps next time I will choose not to eat it (or maybe not).

It took me years to come to this conclusion and years to figure out the right “way of life” for my body. Just as all bunnies’ fur is different, we are not all the same and there is not just one way of eating that works for everyone. I invite you to experiment, use your body as a test bunny and discover what foods fuel you and what foods burn when you put them in your eyes. Take the energy off of the word “diet” and know that you are searching for a sustainable “way of life”.

Once you discover your “way of life” it is no longer a temporary program and going off of it is no big deal because it is not something you start and stop, it is your “way of life”.

-Bunnies & Barbells


P.S., We do not condone animal testing, just human testing 🙂