GRIZZLY– 12-10-8-6-4-2
Front squats 95/135 M75/105
Bar-facing burpees
*100-m sandbag 50/80 carry after each round OR 150m Farmers Carry 35/50 M25/35

Front squats 75/105 M65/95
Bar-facing burpees
*150m Farmers Carry 30/40 M25/35 after each round

POLAR– 10-8-6-4-2
Dumbbell Front squats
DB-facing burpees
*150m Farmers Carry after each round

ACCESSORY– Option 1 or 2

OPT 1: Pistols: Week 5 Day 2
Prep: accumulate 2 minutes of Goblet Dorsiflexion
10 minutes – 30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest
Odd Minute:
* Advanced: Weighted Pistol Squat (Hold 10/5lb dumbbell)
* Intermediate: Alternating Pistol Squats
* Beginner: Deck Squats or Box Pistol Squats (touch foot to the ground
or keep at 90 degrees)
Even Minute:
30 second Assault/Echo Bike Sprint for Max Calories
Alternative Option: same as above, but with air squats as the odd minute

OPT 2: 4 sets:
15 Abmat Sit ups
30 Heel Taps (each side)
30 sec Parallette L-sit hold
30 Heel Taps (each side)
30yd Offset Overhead Farmer Carry (left overhead/right farmer hold)
30yd Offset Overhead Farmer Carry (right overhead/left farmer hold)
*Rest 2:00 b/t sets
For the L-sit hold, athletes can also use kettlebells, dumbbells, matador, or boxes in place of parallettes