Congratulations Kaley, you are our Member of the Month! Kaley displays all the fine qualities we want from our athletes. She is kind to others, has a great attitude and works hard at improving her fitness. We will be donating her month’s membership to the charity of her choice.  If you don’t know Kaley, you should! Here is a little bit of information about her:

  • How long have you been crossfitting for and why did you decide to try CrossFit?

I started crossfit almost three years ago. At the time, I was running too much and it was breaking down my body. My favorite running route took me by a weird industrial-looking garage that always had sweaty dudes inside grunting and listening to WuTang. One day I stopped during my run to see what the story was. Turns out it was a crossfit gym. I joined the next week and now I’m a sweaty and listening to WuTang.

  • What is your favorite CF move?

‘Favorite’ is a strong word, but I think that Man Makers (or Person Makers, as I like to call them) are the perfect full body move. If I were stranded on an island and could bring only one crossfit move, I would bring Man Makers.

  • What move would you like to bury deep in the earth and never do again?

Struggle Unders are my natural enemy…

  • Tell us something about you that we do not know…

At one point in my life, I was the state champion mountain biker in Washington State.

  • What charity will you be donating your month’s membership to and why did you choose it?

The Center for Domestic Peace in San Rafael does incredible work for women and children who have been impacted by abuse and violence. I volunteer with them and believe wholly in the work that they’re doing.