Bria is August’s Member of the Month! Bria is a member of our “Full Throttle” class. She joined on the first day of class and hasen’t missed on since… actually she has missed a couple but we texted her the work outs and she did them on her own… Now that is commitment!! Here is a little information about Bria that you may not know:

1) How long have you been doing Full Throttle for and why did you decide to try it?

I’ve been throttling fully for almost 5 months. My husband Joe has been CrossFitting for about 5 years and always encouraged me to try it but I was chicken! Full Throttle seemed like a perfect way to dip my toes into the CrossFit pool.

2) What is your favorite move?
Do cartwheels count? (yes, yes they do!)
Real answer: DB Power Snatch
3) What move would you like to bury deep in the earth and never do again?
Farmer’s Carry
4) Tell us something about you that we do not know…
I’m afraid of birds, and ants give me anxiety.
5) What charity will you be donating your month’s membership to and why did you choose it?
am choosing the Lewy Body Dementia Associaton in memory of my mom, who would have *loved* Full Throttle.  This organization is dedicated to raising awareness of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD); supporting people with LBD, their families, and caregivers; and promoting scientific advances toward conquering the disease.