With a society today that puts emphasis on health and exercise more and more people are eating organic. People eat the organic foods, but do they understand why we should be eating things that are organic. When we go shopping there are new products that have gone organic such as meats, vegetables, and cereals among other things. There are many different health benefits as well as environmental benefits. Organic foods can make a big difference in your life no matter your age, weight or fitness level. In fact (we think-take out) organic foods help you gain more energy so that you can work out more frequiently and at higher intensities. Organic foods are foods that are grown and produced without the use of pesticides, additives, and herbicides.

Organic foods have higher levels of nutrients than non-organic foods including vitamin C and antioxidants, high enough in fact to give a person the daily allowance of those nutrients reducing the need for supplements. There is lower pesticide residue. According to Health Benefits of Organic Foods, pesticide residue can increase the toxicity of non-organic foods up to 100 percent and will affect the reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. In a research done in Belgium, women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are six to nine times likely to have pesticide residue in their blood stream. Some of the dangers of pesticides include a higher risk for breast, prostate, brain cancers, leukemia, birth defects, and immune systems disorders. From personal experience, organic foods give you more energy and help your mind function better and more clearly.


Of the many environmental benefits included is the lack of chemical run off making the quality of our water better. What that means is there is less water pollution from the chemicals in pesticides. There is also a reduction in soil erosion and the seeds and ingredients are not genetically engineered. There are no pesticides in the air or in your food and of course there are no additives in your food. No hormones in the meat, which we know make foods better for you. Because organic foods can only be made on organic farmers, purchasing organic helps reduce pesticides and insecticides in the air and water thereby reducing pollution. No chemicals in the soil means no chemicals in the animals that eat the grass and hay, their meat is healthier making you healthier as well.