With the 2015 CrossFit Open is just around the corner, every Cross-Fitter in the world is faced with the question, why compete? The simple answer for me is, because it is fun. It is really easy for a competitor to be over-whelmed by thoughts of poor performance, to be considered less then because we cannot perform some physical task a fear that we must face. Without adversity, life has no meaning.

One of the unique qualities of CrossFit competition is that effort is noted and admired by spectators, not just athletic prowess. The athlete who gives an all out effort will always be admired. The athlete who has the guts to stand on the starting line and say, “I belong here, whatever happens does not define me, it informs me ” has already won the competition.

Of course competition should not to be taken lightly. The casual competitor should simply not compete. There is not a fifth place trophy, reaching the podium is statistically a very rare thing. The reality that no one talks about is the fact that athletes who have the most fun at CrossFit competitions are not the first place finishers. The athletes who have the most fun are proud of their efforts and understand that ranking does not define one self. That to show up and do your best is victory.

Of the many games and competitions that I have had the honor to participate in, I remember the ones that made me a better athlete. Losing in competition enhances your athletic development much more then winning. Easy victories are useless. It is better to lose a close battle then to win without effort.

Go out there and lose well people.

Michael Papes