Sometimes I find my self frustrated, feeling stuck…I have so much to work on and so little time… CrossFit wants me to be good at everything but not great at anything and I only want to practice the things that I am great at but somehow that doesn’t make me better at the things I suck at… what a conundrum!

Help, how do I dig myself out of this self-loathing pit of  “I am not good at anything???” Here is an idea, set some goals for yourself, make them obtainable and set a time frame for them.

Here is an example:

GOAL: Get consecutive double unders

HOW: Practice before or after every class or at least 3 days a week.

WHEN: By February 15th


This can be done with any skill based CrossFit or strength-based Olympic or Power lifting  move and the coaches are always happy to help with the “HOW”.

Don’t forget to celebrate once the goal is achieved. Our list of goals can be long and it is so easy for us to move on to the next item with out proper celebration… Celebrate!!!! You just put your mind to something, worked every day to achieve it and it is finally yours, wallow in the moment!!

So whats your goal going to be? Write your goal down on the board at TCF, ask one of the coaches to help you develop a plan and get ‘er done!  We are all in this together and the support of our community can only make us stronger!