They say that weightlifting is 10% strength and 90% mental, I could not agree more. The power of our mind plays an integral roll in how well we lift (along with many other success in life). Thinking good thoughts before (and during) the lifts will help to make the lift a success, just as if you let bad thoughts enter your mind, the opposite will happen.

I have practiced positive thinking and can tell you first hand that it works. At the 2011 Nor Cal Regionals, I made it to the end of the Snatch Ladder 185 lbs., which was 30lbs over my best lift at the time. Why such a huge PR? The only way I can explain it is that when I entered the field, I told myself “I only knew how to make lifts” and pictured myself making every lift smooth and supple like the fur on the belly of a bunny. It was also helpful that the first thing my judge said to me when I walked on the field was that I was going all the way to the end… He didn’t know me, for all he knew my best snatch was 105 but he believed in me. So that meant that at least 2 people on the filed (and I’m sure my teammates) had positive visions of me making it to the end of the Snatch ladder and that is exactly what happened. The reason that I bring up this self-aggrandizing story is to remind you (and myself) that success is built on success. Choose to remember great training days and recognize what was different about that day.

So how do you start? Practice only positive thoughts entering your mind before and during lifts. Often times the evil voice will get in the way of our success. Knowing how to silence this destructive talk and replace it with positive, kind thoughts is a hard thing to do but with practice it gets easier. Start small; visualize yourself making the lift, prior to touching the bar, visualizing puts your words into a picture. Remember the smooth suppleness of the bunnies belly, the feeling of that perfect lift, how effortless and fluent it felt, think of that before you touch the bar.

Practice this and you will be ringing the PR bell by next week!


-Barbells & Bunnies