My schedule is crazy, I travel a lot and I never know what type of gym I will end up at (or if there will even be a gym) but I do know one thing, when I get to that gym, I will have a plan…

The worst thing you can do for yourself is to go to the gym or through out life without a plan. Do you want to be stronger? Then have a plan. Do you want to be faster? Then have a plan.  Do you want to be better at squatting or dead lifting or benching? … You know what I am going to say… Have a plan! If you plan, you will succeed.

Simply strength was designed to get people stronger and I see that it is working for the people that are using it.  For all the others, don’t complain that you want to be stronger and think that it is going to happen with out a little extra work. Commit, make a plan and stick with it… ie: Monday Wednesday and Friday I will work on strength. Set a time, meet a friend, and put it on your calendar, what ever it takes to make it happen! Give yourself 3 months to build a good foundation and then reassess.

Remember, we are all here to help you reach your goals, so once you decide what your plan is, we are happy to help you map it out!

A good plan never fails….