As I was driving in my car today, Metallica came on the radio and I noticed myself driving faster. I am always amazed at how much power a good song has and I find there is no better example of this then in a CrossFit class; the music always determines the pace.

My fast driving led me to make a connection that music makes CrossFitters move just like having a good lifting partner can make you lift more. Having a friend to lift with will hold you accountable, and it will push you to lift beyond what you think you can. This will in turn translate into having significant strength gains.  I see it all the time in class. When people are partnered up on heavy lifting days, the less strong athlete of the two always pushes harder to keep up with their partner, which in turn pushes the stronger athlete to work hard as well. This does not mean that the less strong athlete was ever really weak, sometimes; we just need someone to believe in us in order to make the lift.

So do yourself a favor, if you need that extra little push to get stronger, get yourself a strength buddy, plan a strength date at San Rafael Barbell and support your buddy to lift heavy shit, and they will do the same for you. Yes, listening to loud angry music is helpful too when lifting heavy!