This post is long over due but I am always so concerned about tooting our own horn (for fear of sounding conceded) that often times amazing feats go by the wayside, well not this time. Last month Chad competed in and dominated his first Power lifting meet. In his first return to lifting in over 25 years, he set records with both his Back Squat and Deadlift. To say that I am proud would be an understatement.

Chad grew up power lifting and tells stories of his first coach as well as the lessons learned from him. Waking up hung over did not get in the way of lifting, if you were man enough to dink, you were man enough to pay the price the next day.

After years of CrossFit and dabbling in Oly Lifting, Chad found that the easiest thing to keep up while traveling so much was his strength. He began following Brandon Lilly’s CUBE method (the same strength program we follow at San Rafael Barbell) and religiously stuck to the program. After a lot of hard work and heavy lifts, Chad’s reentry into competitive power lifting was a success!

The shocking truth lies in this story, Chad put in the work, followed the program and (not really suprizing) he got stronger!!! Im looking forward to spending many more weekends with Chad crushing weights in his red hot singlet, as I have a feeling this is just the beginning of what he is capable of.

Check out this video of Chad’s record braking 586 lb back squat.