“The Psychology of Peak Performance: An Introduction to the Research Behind Optimal Functioning, and How To Get There Every Time It Counts”

Come join six-time Concept2 American Record holder Matthew R. Brown for this 90-minute mental toughness training seminar that is sure to improve your performance not only in competition and WODs, but also in any potentially stressful event…whether it’s a board meeting or a first date.

An elite-level National Champion on the water in the single scull, Matthew studied sports psychology in-depth as part of his Master’s degree in “The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance” at the University of Oxford.

Matthew, who rowed competitively at both Yale and Oxford, is currently training for the 2016 Olympics and practices these mental toughness principles every day. They are easy and fun to learn, and will take you to a higher level in any critical situation. Sign-up today to delve deeper into The Psychology of Peak Performance!

When: Saturday, March 21st, 11:30AM-1:00PM
Cost: $30 for TCF members, $50 for non-members