We can’t wait to have you back in class!! Please read below so we can keep each other safe and healthy whilst working on our fitness!!


Tamalpais CrossFit will resume classes on Monday June 29th at 5:00am!

Borrowed equipment can be returned at one of the following times:

Wednesday 6/24th from 3-5pm

Friday 6/26th from 7-8am

Saturday 6/27th from 9-11am



All classes will also be Zoom classes, so if you are not comfortable coming back to class just yet, you can still join in the fun!

Classes will be limited to 10 people. More information on how to register for class below.

Monday  5:00am • 6:00am • 7:00am • 8:45FT • 9:30am • 12noon • 5:00pm • 6:00pm

Tuesday 5:00am • 6:00am • 7:00am • 9:30am • 5:00pm • 6:00pm

Wednesday 5:00am • 6:00am • 7:00am • 8:45FT • 9:30am • 12noon • 5:00pm • 6:00pm

Thursday   5:00am • 6:00am • 7:00am • 9:30am • 5:00pm • 6:00pm

Friday  5:00am • 6:00am • 7:00am • 8:45FT • 9:30am • 12noon • 5:00pm

Saturday  6:45 Competition Training • 8:00am • 9:00am

Sunday  9:00am Weightlifting Class

FT= Full Throttle, free to all TCF members

Phase 2, we will add in a second Weightlifting class and Open Gym



Temperatures will be taken upon arrival- please wear your mask during this process.

Class size will be limited to 10 people and you will all have your own 10×10 square. You will need to register for class by going to wellnessliving.com and creating an account, you can then register for the class of your choice- more info on this below.

We have expanded our class schedule so we do not foresee and issue with classes filling up but if we need to, we will add more classes.

Every class time will also be a Zoom class so you can do the workout from home.

Automatic light switches and soap dispensers have been installed in all bathrooms.

Coaches will disinfect all surfaces after each class (bathrooms, doors, floors, etc.)



Do not come to the gym if you do not feel well.

Wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided upon arrival.

Wear your face covering upon arriving at the gym and whilst your temperature is being taken. Once you are in your 10X10 box you may remove it.

Wipe off your equipment post WOD with the provided disinfectant virucide.

Wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided before leaving.

Unfortunately, for now, we won’t be able to hang out and chill post WOD, if you want, you can mask up and go outside to hang but we will need the space in the gym for the next class.

All of these protocols listed above will only work and keep our doors open if all of us in this community take them seriously. We are so excited to see everyone back in the gym and do not want to have to close down again, so please read carefully and help us help you all be safe and healthy.



You must register for CrossFit Classes (see schedule above), Full Throttle M/W/F 8:45am, Competition Training- Sat 6:45am and Olympic Weightlifting  Sun 9am- Please visit https://www.wellnessliving.com/schedule/tamcrossfit?id_class_tab=1&k_class=92324&k_class_tab=12208

Create an account if you haven’t already and sign up for the class of your choice. Please only reserve a class that you know you can attend. If life happens and you are unable to attend a class you registered for, please remove yourself ASAP so that another member can attend.

We are so grateful for your support and can’t wait to see you back in class!!