Strong As A Bear V CrossFit Competition will be on Sunday, October 23rd at Tamalpais CrossFit. Teams will consist of 3 people of any gender, age or athletic ability. That’s right, you can have an RX, Scaled and Masters (45+) athlete all on the same team!! You could also have 3 RX athletes, 3 Scaled athletes, or 3 Masters athletes… or, 2 Masters and 1 Scaled, or 2 Scaled and 1 RX… Get it?? The event will be structured to accommodate all levels of fitness. Each category will be given a movement or weight standard appropriate for that skill or age level. Every event will be programed so that any team, no matter how that team is put together, can compete against any other team.

You can register here:

Details of Competition Day:
8:00 AM- Athletes arrive and register
8:30 AM- Athlete briefing with WOD explanations
9:15 AM- First Heat Starts
3:00 PM- Event Ends
3:15PM- Awards Ceremony

Here are the WODS:

We will use the most common and known CrossFit movement standards for this competition, some of the movements and the respective loads are listed below.

Every teammate will need to participate in every work out. Below is a quick description of the WODs, they are going to be a ton of fun and we will go over every aspect of this competition on Sunday at 8:30am. So please save all your questions for Sunday J

We look forward to hosting this event and we are excited to spend the day with you. We hold steadfast to the idea that you do not have to lose a weekend testing your fitness, this event will end promptly at 3:00pm.

Loads are listed as:

Male RX/Female RX * Male Scaled and Masters/ Female Scaled and Masters



“Like Linda”

10, 5, 10 reps of the following:

Beach Press 185/135 * 135/95

Deadlift 275/185 * 185/135

Full Clean 155/105 * 115/75


“Random Row”

12 min AMRAP

Random Times will be picked out of a hat


“Fitty Chippy”

50 DB Thruster 45/30 * 30/20

50 Burpee- o- Bar

50 DB Power Snatch 45/30 * 30/20

50 Front Squat 115/75 * 95/65

50 DB Shoulder to Overhead 45/30 * 30/20


“Weighted Fun Run”

60# Sandbag-200 M Run


“Mystery Madness”

you gotta wait for this one!