Have you met Laura Mc? If you haven’t, you are really missing out!! Laura has been with us one year (she started in  February 2010). She is a natural when it comes to the Olympic Weight Lifting moves (in class we call her  “The Machine” as everything she does is precise and deliberate). Laura came form Curves next door and embraced CrossFit whole-heartedly. She attends class religiously 4 times a week and pushes her hardest in each workout. We are so proud of Laura and how far she has come both physically and mentally!!

What was your workout routine before you came to Tamalpais CrossFit?
Working out 4-5 times a week at a circuit training gym for women, walking and hiking with my dog.

What made you decide to try Tamalpais CrossFit?

I was frustrated at the lack of change physically after 4 years of regular workouts elsewhere and what I was hearing and seeing coming out of the Tamalpais CrossFit doors was intriguing. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle the workouts, confirmed by my very first WOD the Filthy Fifty, but sticking with it has really paid off. The trainers were very professional, welcoming and encourage a community environment which makes Tamalpais CrossFit a great place to be.

Are you intimidated when you walk into class or do you know that you can make it through whatever is on the whiteboard?

Not intimidated… but the whiteboard is always very challenging and I fully appreciate the modifications the trainers present to accommodate the varied levels/abilities/injuries of people in class.

What part of your life has CrossFit had the biggest impact on?
It’s a whole package kind of thing. I really appreciate the emphasis on nutrition to optimize performance. I’m much more fit, have lost 20+ pounds and looking forward to dropping more. The community Tamalpais CrossFit has pulled together is positive, supportive, encouraging and fun.