Hello Friends, we are temporarily closed on account of the virus, please read more here https://tamcrossfit.com/temporary-closure/ and continue to strive for greatness with these at home wods! We are here for you, please text, email or call with any questions. We love you guys and appreciate your support!!

On the 0:00… 1 Mile Run
On the 10:00… 50-100 Burpees (do what is appropriate for you) sub sprawl
On the 20:00… 1 Mile Run

• Opportunity to practice pacing larger intervals
• Aim to keep the second 1 mile run within :10 -: 15 seconds of the first
• Your score will be 3 separate completion times (system will add together sum total)
• If you believe your mile time to be in the 9:00’s or above, let’s modify to 800m today and run hard
• 8:00 Time Cap on Part #2 (burpees)

3 Rounds:
30 Seconds Samson Stretch- alternating each leg
10 Glute Bridges- squeeze!! build that booty!
5 Push-ups
200m Jog (1st slow, 2nd moderate, 3rd at planned mile pace)

NON Running Option:

On the Minute for AFAP:

Round 1 – 5 Burpees
Round 2 – 6 Burpees
Round 3 – 7 Burpees
Continue to add (1) rep for as far as possible.

• Each round starts at the top of the minute
• The very first round will start with 5 burpees
• Add 1 rep for each minute after that for as long as you can
• Your score is “round + reps”, which is your last completed round + partial
** Ex. If you finish all 15 burpees within the minute and then get 13 burpees into the round of 16, your score is 15+13