Thanks to all that participated this weekend and helped to lift 500,000 pounds to support the fight against cancer! The day started off  with a bang as Ian, Corey and Rick began the lifting. 50, 000 #’s came and went so quickly. Nick P pushed us through the middle of the day and just when we ran outta steam, Tamara and Clark stopped by with loads of inspiration. By the end of day one, we had reached 361,500 #’s.

The beginning of day 2 was slow and go as our legs protested… Laura started the day off with over 6,000 #’s lifted, then, we called in the troops… Corey, Rick, Ashley, Tamara & Clarke took us home and just in the nick of time as it was 9:45 and the participants were just about to walk the last lap. We finished in time and joined in the last lap of a 24 hour walking event. The day was filled with amazing people and we raised over 300$ for the American Cancer Society.

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