GRIZZLY– 4 Rounds
100 Double Unders
20 Toes to bar
10 Back Squats 125/185 M90/140

KODIAK-4 Rounds
75 Double Unders
15 Toes to bar
10 Back Squats 105/155 M80/115

POLAR– 4 Rounds
100 Single Unders
15 Hanging Knee Raises
10 Goblet Front Squats (light)

Gymnastic Skill-Rope Climbs
Level 1: Zombie Rope Climbs or Pull-up Rope Climbs
Level 2: Standard Rope Climbs
Level 3: Legless Rope Climbs
After a skill review, perform the following EMOM. You can partner up and start on opposite movements. This is all about practice to prepare for Wednesday, so try different foot wraps, practice jumping up to grab the rope, etc. The goal is to improve efficiency, not to do as many reps as possible.
Odd: 1-3 Rope Climbs at your level above
Even: 20-30 second Sorenson Hold (face down GHD hold) or Superman Hold