Praise the Power Snatch, embrace the beautiful Burpee, it’s Open season and the smell of fitness is in the air!! For everyone that is interested in participating in the 2017 CrossFit Open, please read and make sure you understand what the CrossFit Open is.

Tamalpais CrossFit will be running the Open WODs for fun in class on Friday’s (if appropriate). This will give everyone the option to participate in both the scaled and RX divisions in a casual class setting. This will not be an official submit-able attempt at the Open workouts. Friday classes will simply give you the opportunity to try out these workouts.

We will be officially running the Open WODs on Friday’s at 6 PM and Sunday’s at 9 AM. This is where people that have registered in the Open will have the opportunity to do the WODs in an official setting with an official judge, score sheet and video if applicable. The cost for this official class is $50 and will cover all attempts for the duration of the 2017 CrossFit Open.

The first Open WOD will be released on Thursday, February 23 and the first Open Class will be Friday February 24th. Please arrive on time and be ready to give your all with a smile.

Open WOD # Announcements
 1st Judging
 2nd  Judging
Deadline for
Submitting Results – MON 5 PM
17.1 Feb-23 Feb-24 Feb-26 Feb-27
17.2 Mar-2 Mar-3 Mar-5 Mar-6
17.3 Mar-9 Mar-10 Mar-12 Mar-13
17.4 Mar-16 Mar-17 Mar-19 Mar-20
17.5 Mar-23 Mar-24 Mar-26 Mar-27