So I’m at the gym as I usually am on a Monday evening and I’m fired up and ready to make heavy shit feel light, but the universe has other plans for me…. As I proceed through my work out, nothing is going right, I’m thinking too much about every lift, my body isn’t doing what I’m telling it to do and I’m missing weights that are usually easy… What is happening to me?? What is this watery crap welling up in my eyes? Get your shit together, weightlifters don’t cry! Get to the bathroom and either let it out or get your head on straight immediately before someone sees you; surely no one in the whole wide world has ever felt this frustration before…

Realizing that not every day is going to be filled with PR’s and rainbows is a hard thing to wrap my head around. I train often, I feel like I have a little talent and I always have a plan, so why don’t things go according to it?? Surely I should be able to control this as well as I control my tears??!! On the other hand, sometimes my best lifting days come when least expected…. Times when the naked barbell feels like 100 lbs. or I’m so sore that I can’t lift my arms straight over-head and then BAM, lifts are easy and effortless. I like these tiny surprises, they brightening up my day like little bunnies popping out of the thicket.

Trying to not get frustrated when things don’t go as planned and knowing that it is just as it is at that time (its not permanent) and tomorrow or next week it will be better is hard to realize in that moment. Weightlifting is a skill and if it were easy, everyone would do it. So I accept it for its ups and downs and yes, sometimes it makes me cry but I still love it cause when the PR’s and rainbows come, it’s all worth it!


–       Barbells and Bunnies