Why should you compete? Competing can be scary but it can also push you beyond what you think you are capable of.  The pumping of your blood, butterflies in your stomach, adrenaline racing so fast that you need to go to your happy place where the bunnies hop through a field of flowers. All of these things can push you beyond your comfort zone and make you a better athlete. This is why you should compete.

On my competition days I am cranky, I get so in my head  that I won’t make weight that it is best just to stay away from me. I have been known to go running in my foil suit, spit in a cup for 2 hours and yes, even smoke a cigarette all for the love of my sport. I get more nervous about making weight then I do about lifting weights! But for me that is all part of the fun and this is why I compete.

Once I make weight, all I need to do is lift the barbell six times, piece of cake. Yumm, cake…3 snatches and 3 Clean & Jerks – just get warmed up, then, all I have to do is go out in front of a large crowd of people and judges and lift… wait, am I crazy?? What if I fart or pee or even worse, miss a lift??? No biggie, these people are on my side plus, I’ve got some adrenaline in me and I plan on using it the way it is suppose to be used. It’s going to help to make those heavy weights feel light. It’ll be like the bunnies came from my happy place in the field of flowers and helped to put that barbell over my head! Suddenly, I feel stronger than ever and could have done 10 kgs more.  These are all experiences I would not have had if I choose to never compete. This is why you should compete.

When it’s all over, I wonder why I work myself up so much; does this make me a better athlete? Yes, it does, it takes me out of my comfort zone and allows me to tap into something buried so deep inside that it’s indescribable. This is why I want you to compete. I want you all to feel this! I invite you to sign up for a competition, Olympic, Power, or even the CrossFit Open. You never know what you are capable of until you try.

I am also very excited to announce that San Rafael Barbell is an official USAW Club and we will be competing in Oly meets in the near future. We will have more information out about this shortly.

-Barbells & Bunnies