Megan realized at a very young age that you are capable of anything that you put mind to. She has lived a life of travel and adventure working for National Parks and recreation areas, anything from trail restoration to youth camps. Nothing held her back from the life she wanted to live but her life suddenly shifted when she was diagnosis with colon cancer at the age of 33. She has been facing unbelievable challenges and has been fighting this battle with a smile on her face for the last 3 years, but she can use our help!  Please join us and support Megan in her fight!


WOD for Megz– Sat Feb 8th 8&9am  “PHISH” – Her Favorite Band 

2017 M Run– the year she was diagnosis

P  33 Pull Ups – 33 years old when diagnosed

H 14 Hang Power Cleans– 14th is her birthday and the weekend of her diagnosis

I   24 Incline Push-ups – 24 Mouths on homeopathic treatment

S  28 Snatches– 28 rounds of radiation

H  22 Hanging Knee Raises– Nov 22 she had a colonoscopy

* 4 Megan Makers between each move– 4 treatments of chemotherapy

We will be collecting donations to help support her, you can donate via the jar at the gym or through her GoFundMe page here:

Megan is a good friend of Aston M. from the 6 am class, he asked us if we could help and we jumped at the chance. Any little bit you can donate, 1, 2, 3$, it all adds up! Together we are stronger and helping others feels good so let’s do it!