Coronavirus has torn through our collective calendars and cancelled every plan, event, appointment and social commitment. What’s left is a big vacuum of empty space for you to use in any way your heart sees fit.

You could use it to feel sorry for yourself, binge watch Netflix, and eat your body-weight in home-delivered snacks until this pandemic is nothing but a distant memory.

Or you could use it to step up and serve your highest purpose with reckless abandon. No more excuses. No more distractions. Just you in an unyielding pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire.

As well as being the biggest crisis we have ever faced, Coronavirus is also the biggest opportunity many of us have ever had in our lifetime.

It’s an opportunity to slow down. It’s an opportunity to dive deeper within ourselves. It’s an opportunity to finally listen to the calling that has always been there.

It’s an opportunity to read. It’s an opportunity to learn. It’s an opportunity to break through all of those self-imposed limits and restrictions that used to hold you back.

It’s an opportunity to prioritize your physical health and fitness. To commit to a daily home workout, to cook healthy food, to stretch out all of those areas of your body that hold tension.

So let’s get through this next month and come out stronger on the other side!