6 weeks of eating for optimal health and nutrition starts June 1- July 13th!

This is a quick way to get your nutrition back on track for summer and remove any bad habits you may have acquired. If you want to participate, simply add your name to the white board (at the gym behind the GHD’s) and hold yourself accountable with a 🙂 or a  🙁 depending on how your day of eating for optimal health went.

At the end of this 6 weeks, we want  you to continue eating for optimal health as this is just a jump-start and a discovery process to see what foods fuel your workouts and what ones you should avoid.

AND THEN…On July 13th the DXA scan will be at TCF from 8am- 1pm, reserve your spot today. BodySpec DXA scan brings medical-grade body composition technology, used by professional athletes, to you at an affordable price.  The scans measure body fat, muscle, and bone, not only on a whole-body but also a regional basis.  Check out a sample report or our video.

The 10-min scan is done fully clothed. Wear your workout clothes. No getting wet and no pinching! Just lie down on our scanner and relax!

How to Sign Up


–       Simply click on your preferred appointment (green slots are available).

  1. If you need to reschedule, simply log back into www.body-spec.com anytime 24 hours before your appointment.  Cancel your appointment and make another at your convenience.
  2. On scan day, the BodySpec truck arrives at the gym. You show up for your appointment wearing clothes with no metal (workout clothes work great!)
  3. Each client lies down on our scanner for 10 minutes. Afterward, you’ll receive instruction on how to set up a phone consultation with a BodySpec expert so you better understand your results.
  4. Digital PDF copies of these results are uploaded into your account on the BodySpec website for you to access anytime!


$45 per 1 scan

Scan Limitations

The scanner performs a very weak x-ray with radiation exposure equal to that from eating four bananas. We cannot scan pregnant women or individuals over 350 lbs due to scanner restrictions. Also, we ask clients to refrain from wearing metal to ensure the accuracy of bone density readings. However, if you have metal that you cannot remove, you can still scan without a problem.

Please e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions or need help. We look forward to seeing you at the truck!