Thank you for your continued support, we know this is hitting everyone hard and we appreciate you all VERY much! As you know, we were instructed by the County of Marin to close effective March 17th and reopening ASAP!… we now know the ASAP may not be until April 7th and our fitness cannot wait until then!

We understand how important community is for your health and well-being. During this temporary closure our dedicated coaches have volunteered to continue to inspire and motivate you by offering:

  • Dumbbell, Kettle Bell, Med Ball, Box loan outs- contact me if you did not get and item and we will set you up.
  • At home WODs posted daily- Zoom online classes- read more below.
  • Accountability program available if you find you are having a hard time being motivated, we gotcha covered!

Here are the ways that we will keep in touch:

Zoom Online Classes– You will need to download the ZOOM app. Every weekday- the link for these classes will be posted on the WOD of the day located on the HOME page and BLOG page. The link for the ZOOM class will be listed first and will look like this:

(Example) Friday 9:30am

This link will change so don’t go by the above, it’s just an example.  The online class will then be recorded and posted on the same blog post so even if you can’t participate live, you will still be able to do the class at a time that suits you. I’m sure there will be bugs that will need to be worked out so please be patient and email or text with any questions.

Instagram and Facebook– Once you have completed the WOD, go to the WOD post and post your score so we can all stay communicating with each other. Even if you didn’t do the video but did it on your own, we want to know!

We will continue to post fun and exciting videos and we appreciate you guys tagging us in your wods, post, etc… this will be our new way of communicating for a while!

Texting– you can always text through the pop up on, I get it right away and will answer within 5 min. You can always call 415-256-9400 or email [email protected], we are here for you and want to support you in this time of separation.

Need more? Ya, so do I 🙂 If you need some daily/ weekly accountability help, we are here for you, just email me and we will set it up! This can be anything from nutrition to working out to helping you change the thoughts that are crippling you.

Helpful hints to get you through…

Workout Stations on Pandora that have been curated with all sorts of different genres to choose from…hip hop, metal, pop, dance, etc.

Do the best with what you have! As long as we keep moving (hiking, running, at home wods), your mental health will be so much stronger!

TCF has been our world and livelihood for over 10 years.  Our dream was to create a place where people of all abilities could come, work out, create friendships and build a great community. With everyone’s support, that is exactly what we have done.

We miss you terribly!! Each and every one of you are valued members and friends. We have been through a lot together, weddings, births, divorces, power outages and now viruses. Unfortunately, there is no insurance for infectious disease-causing loss of revenue. The TCF community is very special and with your continued support and patronage, we can get through this.

Together we are stronger.