Clarke Holland (60+ Division) during the CrossFit Games broadcast!
Tamalpais CrossFit setting the CrossFit World Record during regionals Team Event 3 in 2012.
Clarke Holland wins Event 1 at the CrossFit Games (60+ Division)!!!

We Train Competitors At All Levels!

We are as proud of our first time competitors as much as we are of our CrossFit Regionals teams and our National's Weightlifters. Do not be shy if you have yet to compete. We welcome those who just want to try their first competition, Mud-run, Weightlifting or Strength competition. We encourage you to train for your goals, no matter how high they are!!

Our training program supports the desires of those athletes wanting to enter the CrossFit competition venue. CrossFit competitions are both stressful and rewarding; it is in testing ourselves that we find what lies beneath. The Open and Masters Competition Training program will identify an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and provide a blueprint for the development of that athlete. Training will focus on the strategies and tools that the successful CrossFit competitor must have. Competition athletes will learn how to break down and attack a WOD based on their individual skill set.

We have specially designed our facility to accommodate every tool possible for the CrossFit athlete, Weightlifter, and Strength trainee. Our coaching staff looks forward to working with you and your goals.
Tamalpais CrossFit Regionals team 2011. Within months of opening, TCF already had a qualified regionals team!!


It can absolutely happen for you!

Tamalpais CrossFit fields MANY levels of athletes. We attend and compete in Masters competitions, Beginner and Intermediate competitions, CrossFit Regionals, CrossFit Games level, as well as any number of Olympic Weightlifting and Strength competition from local to national events.

...Even if you don't plan on competing, there is an important job for you! There is nothing quite like having a team or an individual to cheer for! The 'Grizzlies' and 'Gorillas' are your teams too! Come to the events, waive a banners, be a part of the crew, and spend the day with us picnicking, and cheering!!

Tamalpais CrossFit Regionals Team 2012. CrossFit World Record setters, and one of two women in CrossFit to complete the snatch ladder at #185.


Strength at Tamalpais CrossFit has always been a long suit. We are unapologetic about our strength first bias. Having members with weightlifting, and powerlifting backgrounds has made strength training one of the highest priorities in the gym. This was highlighted in the 2012 CrossFit Games season as the regionals team set a CrossFit World Record during the heavy dumbbell snatch workout and topping the Women's snatch ladder.

We have fielded a regionals teams, and have qualified individuals for regionals since 2011. We look forward to continuing the tradition of strength at Tamalpais CrossFit, and we look forward to fielding the strongest athletes possible well into the future!!

Our competition season starts the moment we get off the bar. Tamalpais CrossFit, and San Rafael Barbell teams, compete year round in 'Throw Downs', 'Mud Runs', 'Weightlifting Meets' and 'CrossFit'. We look forward to meeting you, and hearing your goals no matter how big, or how small! We always look forward to adding great and fun people as teammates!

Tamalpais CrossFit 2013 Regionals team ranked 1st in Marin, 15th in Norcal Region, and 199th in the world.
Even if you don't compete, there is nothing better than a day spent, bbq'ing, having fun, and cheering your team to victory!!!