Congratulations Myka, you are our Member of the Month! Myka displays all the fine qualities we want from our athletes. She is kind to others, has a great attitude and works hard at improving her fitness. We will be donating her month’s membership to the charity of her choice.  If you don’t know Myka, you should! Here is a little bit of information about her:

1) How long have you been crossfitting for and why did you decide to try CrossFit?

3 years.  My daughter tried for years to get me to try it. I finally did and just love it so much!!

2) What is your favorite CF move?

I just LOVE the Clean and Jerk !! Although I can’t do it well, I am determined to get it!! (lies, you are great at it!)

3) What move would you like to bury deep in the earth and never do again?

Contrary to what you might think, it’s NOT the rope climb Lol. It’s Thrusters!!! (side note, Myka broke her foot on the rope climbs last year and she still came with a broken foot and worked on her fitness).

4) Tell us something about you that we do not know…

Hmmm, I’m an open book so I feel everyone knows me pretty well. On a deep level… I lack self confidence in just about everything I do (except backpacking). On a lighter level, I LOVE CAKE SO MUCH!!!! Oh ya, and I just discovered that I hate potato bugs!

5) What charity will you be donating your month’s membership to and why did you choose it?

I really want to donate to the helpless animals of the fires!!My heart breaks for them, they are defenseless. I am going to donate my membership to help the fire victims of the Camp fire.

Myka’s donation provided 240 lbs of dog food to the victims of the Camp fire! YAY MYKA!!