Congratulations Carly, you are our Member of the Month! Carly displays all the fine qualities we want from our athletes. She is kind to others, has a great attitude and works hard at improving her fitness. We will be donating her month’s membership to the charity of her choice.  If you don’t know Carly, you should! Here is a little bit of information about her:

1) How long have you been crossfitting for and why did you decide to try CrossFit?

I’ve been crossfitting for about 7 months and got into it because I was craving a competitive environment after I finished playing college basketball. I needed something that was going to push me to my limits every day.

2) What is your favorite CF move?

This is so hard…I’m going to say snatching at the moment!

3) What move would you like to bury deep in the earth and never do again?

Farmers carry. Ugh.

4) Tell us something about you that we do not know…

I am a vegetarian!

5) What charity will you be donating your month’s membership to and why did you choose it?

Wheel to Walk Foundation! My family had been a part of it my whole life and I love what they do for children with disabilities:

The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities, 20 years and younger, obtain medical equipment or services not provided by insurance. We purchase items such as therapy tricycles, adaptive strollers, shower chairs, pumper cars, zip zac chairs, selective communication devices, gait trainers, speech therapy and wheelchairs, to name a few. Our organization strongly believes that no child or young adult with special needs go without items that could improve the quality of his or her daily life.