Congratulations Geoff, you are our Member of the Month! Geoff displays all the fine qualities we want from our athletes. He is kind to others, has a great attitude and works hard at improving her fitness. We will be donating his month’s membership to the charity of his choice.  If you don’t know Geoff, you should! Here is a little bit of information about him:

  • How long have you been CrossFitting for and why did you decide to try CrossFit?

My first day of CrossFit was in March 2013 when I walked through the doors at TCF. A friend of mine, who was a TCF member at the time, invited me to try it. Up to that point, I had tried to stay fit over the years through long-distance running, then triathlons, and then obstacle-course racing, switching each time when it became mundane. After about a dozen obstacle-course races, I craved something fresh and found a goldmine in CrossFit.

  • What is your favorite CF move?

My favorite CrossFit moves are the gymnastics-y ones, especially bar muscle-ups and handstand walks.

  • What move would you like to bury deep in the earth and never do again?

The move that crushes my soul is dumbbell thrusters. I try to work up a good sweat before-hand to hide my tears during those WODs.

  • Tell us something about you that we do not know…

I participated in the finals of a field-goal kicking contest during halftime of the 1994 Cal-Washington football game, while wearing a Cal Band uniform, having just marched while playing a sousaphone. (I didn’t win, but the crowd cheered for me more than the other contestants.)

  • What charity will you be donating your month’s membership to and why did you choose it?

My charity is the East Bay SPCA because I love me the animals! I’ve always had pets, and, growing up, at one point our household included three dogs, five cats, three turtles (which freely roamed the entire downstairs area), a rabbit, and a horse (the horse was in a stable). Their names were Quincy, Shandar, Keesha, Missy, Princess, Reggie, Daphne, Bradley, Sammy, Tutor, Tevon, and Duke. I don’t remember my sister’s rabbit’s name; he wasn’t very social. Read more about the wonderful things the East Bay SPCA does here: