Liza has been at Tamalpais CrossFit since February, 2011. I remember I use to  have to tell her to keep running even if it was a slow run, it was better then stopping… But not anymore!! She gives every work out her all and her determination is inspiring!

What were your goals when you first came to Tamalpais CrossFit?
When I first came to TCF I wanted to lose some weight and get into better playing shape for volleyball, little did I know I would make some amazing friends and change the way I think about working out.

Have you always been athletic, if so, what is your sport?
I have been playing sports my whole life. Even though I play on a softball team against several of my fellow TCFers, Volleyball is my main sport.

Has CrossFit helped you to excel in your sport?
I am not, nor have I ever been a runner. My first day at Tamalpais CrossFit, running to the dumpster (200 Meters) in the warm ups was a challenge. I had to play it off because I am competitive, but I could barely breath. Now I can run a mile and then still throw up some wall balls and kettle bell swings. I still can’t breath, but there will be no “DNF’s”

I was amazed after playing my first doubles tournament (volleyball) this season. I had been CrossFitting for about 6 months before the first tourney. I was quicker, I could jump higher (I will try to stop complaining about box jumps because they clearly work), and I had far more endurance.  The best part was that I was not sore. It usually takes me two days to recover from a tourney. We use so many different muscles in class that two full days of volleyball didn’t even phase me.

Has CrossFit helped you to be better in different areas of you life?
CrossFit has helped me in almost every area of my life. I am more focused at work. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Challenges don’t seem as large. I find that now I can battle though things mentally that got the best of me before. I was down 11-2 in a volleyball game and came back to win 17-15. I had lost my mental toughness, but now it is back. I feel so mentally strong that I am even taking up golf. 🙂 CrossFit makes me push myself to a place I forgot existed.

What is the most challenging part of CrossFit?
All of it? I have a tough time with some of the weighlifting moves. I have fallen on my butt several times trying to Snatch (you may not see me because I am hidden in my cove). It seriously amazes me how I can look at a workout on the board and honestly believe it “won’t be that bad.” It is always that bad and worse, but I know that no matter how long it takes, my rad coaches and awesome TCF friends will help get me through it.

What is your favorite thing about Tamalpais CrossFit?
The people. I would NEVER have imagined that I would meet so many amazing people. They say CrossFit is a community, it is more than that. TCF is a family.  We cheer each other on in the WOD’s, at The Games, at each others sporting events outside of the gym, at birthdays, at Sol Food when trying to eat Paleo, at weddings, on tough days, and whenever anyone just needs that one “GET IT” or “SO FUN” or “WHOOT” to move the weight one more time. This is the place where you will see someone who just pushed themselves past the point of exhaustion lying on the floor in their sweat find the breath to cheer someone else on. Big Thanks to TCF for changing my life. “SEE YOU AT THE TOP!” 🙂