Our next nutrition challenge will be 33 days long and will start on Monday October 1st.  We are pairing this nutrition challenge with BARBELLS FOR BOOBS by hosting a BARBELLS FOR BOOBS ® charity event on November 3rd which will also be the last day of the challenge.

To participate in the nutrition challenge you are required to register for our BARBELLS FOR BOOBS ® charity event at https://support.barbellsforboobs.org/fundraising/register-to-fundraise.aspx?org_frpid=11&ovr_s10=jt. Make sure to select “Tamalpais CrossFit” as your affiliate.

Our goal as a community is to raise $10,000 together for the charity. With our combined effort, we believe that this is an attainable goal. There is no minimum contribution required to participate in the event.

Each participant who can raise $80.00 or more will receive a T-shirt from BARBELLS FOR BOOBS. You are not required to participate in the nutritional challenge to participate in our BARBELLS FOR BOOBS ® charity event.

The nutritional challenge is very simple…..eat Paleo 33 days. For each day that a participant chooses to eat anything non-paleo, a 100 Burpee penalty will be assigned. At the end of the challenge the penalties will be totaled and the participant must perform all required Burpees after the BARBELLS FOR BOOBS ® charity event on November 3rd.

To kick off the challenge we have invited special guest, Austin Rucker to give a Paleo based nutrition talk on September 27th at 7 PM at Tamalpais CrossFit. Everyone is invited so bring your friends and family!

The parameters of the challenge are as follows:

Cream will be allowed in coffee and protein powder will also be allowed. Otherwise, we are going to be strict on this one, here is what is allowed:

· Protein, in the form of lean meats, poultry, seafood, and or protein powder.

· Carbohydrates, in the form of vegetables and some fruit. Lots and lots of colorful, nutritious vegetables. Yes, veggies are “carbs.” So are fruits

· Fats, in the form of coconut oil or coconut milk, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, clarified butter.

· All kinds of herbs and spices.

· Basically no, Lactose, Fructose, Glucose or Sucrose….all the yummy stuff!!!

That’s it, pretty simple!!! You can do anything for 33 days.


BARBELLS FOR BOOBS ® is a 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the MAMMOGRAMS IN ACTION ® GRANT PROGRAM for qualified low-income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.