Removing excuses and improving your health!
Join us on Thursday, September 13th at 7 pm, where we will discuss optimal nutrition: how to make better choices when it comes to your food and how what you choose effects your health. We will have visual aids and tracking experts that can help set you up for success, as well as an on going Q & A.
There is no one-diet-that-fits-all, however, we can help you to make the right choices by tracking your food and discovering it’s nutritional value. If you are struggling with your weight (have too much of it or want more), have low energy and/or performance levels in the gym, please attend this free seminar that will kick off 5 weeks of health prior to the arrival of the fat truck on October 20th.
This is free, so what do you have to loose??… Maybe a little body fat 🙂 Our goal is to remove all the excuses that keep you “stuck” so you can be the best version of YOU.