We will be hosting “Personalized Optimal Nutrition” support groups starting January 13th 2020. Here is how it works:

  • Get a DXA Body Scan on Jan 11th so we have accurate numbers to work with- register here!
  • Choose a category to be placed in:
    • Less Jiggle, More Muscle This would be for those wanting to loose body fat wile maintaining and or adding muscle.
    • Beautiful and Bulky This would be for those wanting to add weight and muscle to their all ready beautiful bodies.
    • Need to Clean Up My Act  This would be for those wanting to eliminate single items like bread or pasta or maybe even alcohol (gasp) etc..
    • Plant Based… This would be for those wanting to try a more plant based diet. It doesn’t have to be plants only, it can be one meal, one day, one week at a time…

You will then be placed in a group of 5 or less people that you will be checking in with on a daily basis. We will also be setting 1, 2 & 3 month goals. If you are interested, please

  • Text or email Meshelle by January 10th and let her know that you want to participate and she will provide you with more information. 415-256-9400 or [email protected]
  • Please, we need you to be serious about this, ideally we are finding a way for you to eat for the rest of your life but at the least you must commit to the personalized plan laid out for you for 3 months and re-test the DXA scan on April 11th.

In Oct we ran 2 beta test groups and here is what participants reported:

  • improved brain clarity
  • an improved sense of self worth, accomplishment and success
  • fat loss
  • muscle gain (some gained 5+ lbs of muscle whilst body fat decreased, this is the dream!!)

It’s not that the test groups were perfect, we were not but because we had our group to report to, when we veered off course it was less severe and we could note the patterns and correct them.