Join us on Saturday, September 12th from 10:30- 12 pm for a Women’s Nutrition Seminar led by Dr. Stacy Sims, Msc, PhD, Exercise Physiologist-Nutrition Scientist, CISSN expert in Nutrition and Hydration For the Female Athlete. This will be a highly informative and entertaining presentation. You’ll learn about the differences and how making certain changes in your diet can make you stronger, healthier and happier.

Women are NOT small men. Their physiology’s are different, starting at puberty and extending through menopause. And as athletes, women often struggle with the right nutrition for optimum performance. What works a man does NOT work for a woman. Even with the latest diets, women find that they struggle with weight loss, when their male counterpart seems to drop weight faster than a 1-rep max fail. And until very recently, most of the research and data collected in case studies regarding nutrition and training were conducted largely on men. That’s great for the guys; but women have a menstrual cycle that impedes the generalization that what’s good for a man must be good for a woman.

Dr. Stacy Sims has contributed to the environmental exercise physiology and sports nutrition field for more than 15 years as both an athlete and a scientist.  Her personal interest in sex differences and performance has been the precedence of her academic and consulting career; always looking at true physiology to apply innovative solutions in the sport nutrition world.  Stacy served as an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University 2007-2012 specializing in sex differences of environmental and nutritional considerations for recovery and performance. Preceding her work at Stanford, she was a Senior Research Scientist in Clothing and Textile sciences at Otago University; where she transferred her PhD work of sex differences in hydration and exercise in the heat to investigating the interactions of human performance, fabrics, and extreme environmental conditions.  Not only an elite athlete herself, Stacy has extensive experience working with athletes at the highest levels of sport worldwide, from the Olympics to the Tour de France.

Men are welcome too!! Cost is only 35$ per person! To register, please visit