Tamalpais CrossFit- Strong As A Bear Partner Competition 2016

Tamalpais CrossFit’s Strong As A Bear Team Competition is finally here! On Sunday, May 15th we will be hosting a partner competition where all levels and skill sets are welcome.

Teams must be 1 man and 1 woman and you can choose from:
Masters- partners must have a combined age of 90
Entry fee is $95 and registration will close on 5/11/16.
Please visit WODROCKET to register!
Day of Event Info:
8:00 AM- Athletes arrive and register
8:30 AM- Athlete briefing with WOD explanations
9:15 AM- First Heat Starts
3:00 PM- Event Ends
3:15PM- Awards Ceremony
Look no further, the WOD’s are right here!!!

WOD #1

3 Rounds

1 minute max:

-Calorie Row

1 minute max:

-Burpee on Plate

Athlete #1 starts on Rower

Athlete #2 starts on Burpees

Every minute athletes’ rotate stations

Movement Standards:

Burpee on Plate -Athlete starts with a 45# bumper plate on ground then moves to ground so that hands and chest are touching bumper plate with knees and feet on the ground. Athlete then jumps or stands ending the Burpee with both feet on plate. There is no requirement to stand upright.

Score: Total combined repetitions performed by both athletes

WOD #2

12 minute time cap

1 Round for Time

50 Deadlift

50 Wall Ball

(4) 200 Meter Sprints

50 Wall Ball

50 Deadlift


RX Male 165#

RX Female 115#

Master Male 135#

Master Female 95#

Scaled Male 135#

Scaled Female 95#


Wall Ball

RX Male 14# to an 11’ target

RX Female 14# to an 10’ target

Masters Male 10# to an 11’ target

Masters Female 10# to an 10’ target

Scaled Male 10# to an 11’ target

Scaled Female 10# to an 10’ target


Teams will have two loaded barbells and one medicine ball. Athletes must each do (2) of the 200 meter sprints. Commonly accepted CrossFit movement standards apply.

WOD #3

3 Minute time cap

Ground to Overhead Barbell Ladder for Time

With one athlete working at a time, competitors will lift a series of 10 barbells of increasing load. There is no minimum lifting standard and either athlete may lift any barbell. The barbells must be lifted in order of increasing load. (After a failed attempt, neither athlete may attempt a lighter barbell.) The workout is finished when either the 3 minute time cap expires, or the last (heaviest) barbell in the ladder is locked out over either athlete’s head and the athlete has reached full extension of hips and knees.

























WOD #4

15 Minute time cap

2 Rounds


TTB/Dead hang

Box Jump/Plank

Athlete #1 will perform 21 TTB while athlete #2 dead hangs on the pull up bar. Athlete #1 will then move to a plank position while athlete #2 completes 21 box jumps. Repetitions will only count if both athletes are performing the required work. This progression will continue thru the round of 9’s at which point the athletes will switch positions so that athlete #2 begins the round of 21 TTB and athlete #1 performs a dead hang. Athletes’ progress thru the workout again until athlete #1 has completed the round of 9 box jumps. Commonly accepted CrossFit movement standards apply.



RX- Perform TTB and Box Jumps with a 24” box

Masters and Scales- Perform Knee Raises and Box Jumps or Step Ups with a 20” box

Movement Standards:

Plank is to be held on forearms with hips held below shoulders along the horizontal plane. Knees must remain off the ground.

Knee Raises begin while hanging off pull up bar with body at full extension. A repetition is completed when athlete raises both knees above the hips. The athlete must return to full extension before performing the next repetition.